Sawtooth Photo Pros
2017 Class Schedule

We're doing something new in 2017 with the introduction of our BLACKBOX, LIGHTBOX, BRAINBOX, and MATCHBOX series. Along with our popular multi-session classes, we're also announcing single session classes tailored to specific needs.

steamertrunksteamertrunk What's in the box?

If thinking outside the box isn't getting you anywhere (enough, already!), we've built some beautiful boxes full of good stuff just for you. And you can mix and match them any way you like.



BLACKBOX classes cover camera theory, skills, and techniques.

LIGHTBOX classes include Lightroom and Photoshop instruction.

BRAINBOX classes explore our own imagination using composition and creativity.

MATCHBOX classes are combinations of the above.

Class Descriptions:


  • Basic Camera Operation - Semi-Auto Exposure Modes - First Time Camera Setup - Lens Selection - Recommended Accessories
  • Perfect Exposure Every Time - Manual Mode - Aperture - Shutter Speed - ISO
  • Focusing Modes - Solid Shooting Technique - Creative Use of Exposure Meters - White Balance
  • Live Shoot - Models and lighting provided 



  • Intro to Adobe Lightroom - Data management and file systems - Import - Library features - Keywording - Sorting - Ranking
  • Lightroom Develop Module - Intro - Basic Develop features - cropping - straightening - automated tone controls
  • Lightroom Develop Module - Most-used tone and color controls - Presets - Targeted Adjustment Tools
  • Lightroom Develop Module - Expert tools - Dodge and Burn - Color shifting
  • Lightroom Print Module - Layouts - Templates - Printer setup - Printer Profiles - Print to File
  • Lightroom Slideshow - Selecting images - Adding text - Adding music - Effective storytelling
  • Lightroom Book - Layout - Image selection - Text - Purchase options (