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Intro to Flash & Lighting - $125

Intro to Flash & Lighting - $125

It’s All About the Light – An introduction to Flash & Lighting

Natural Light is how most of us learn to take pictures. When it’s right, it’s beautiful. Except when it isn’t. Flash photography can add an entirely new dimension to your photography and we are here to get you started.

If you are comfortable with your camera, it is time to add the additional dimension that flash photography offers. Done properly, flash can add drama and energy to an otherwise boring photo. It can be used to spotlight your subject or to eliminate a distracting background. In this class you will learn to use flash on and off camera using simple manual adjustments. We will discuss gear options and the pros and cons of the various ways you can control your flash.

Come to class with your own external flash or with the pop-up flash on your camera. We will have flash heads and modifiers that you can try in session 2 and you will gain hands on experience in light placement and control with live models in our third class.

Intro to Flash & Lighting is $125

The dates for our next Intro to Flash & Lighting Class are Thursdays at 6:30 PM on Oct 29, Nov 5, and 12.

Bring your camera and manual and an “off camera” flash if you have one.