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A few of our favorite 2019 Race to Robie Creek Wonder Toad moments.

By no means all of our favorites, either - take a quick run through the galleries to see lots more.
-CLT-5029, Calm before the storm....-CLT-5035, In her own space.... just waiting.-CLT-5039, turn that bolt!-CLT-5047, now, that is a pile o' shirts.-CLT-5050, Get ready. It's going to be a busy day!-CLT-8563, Hold on there....-CLT-8566, Let's see... second string THEN the fourth string.JP-3526JP-3528JP-3542JP-3543JP-3552JP-3560JP-3571JP-3576JP-3577JP-3578JP-3608cr-07655cr-07745