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Adobe Lightroom for Photographers

3 SESSIONS: $125

Adobe Lightroom has quickly changed the face of digital photography and is our favorite Swiss Army knife for post processing. Lightroom can give you what we all want - more time with our cameras and fewer hours sitting at our computers.

During 3 evenings of hands-on training, you'll learn how to get firm control over all your images and how to develop them to their fullest potential. We promise you'll love Lightroom as we help you through the learning curve.

Week 1: Import and Library Modules - intelligent file structuring, sorting, keywording, and selection - this class alone can speed up your workflow tenfold.

Week 2: Develop Module - the Holy Grail of Lightroom - outstanding, ordered processing controls at your fingertips.

Week 3: More Develop Module and intro to Printing, Bookmaking, and Slideshows - terrific features that set Adobe Lightroom apart from the competition.

You are invited to bring your laptop with Adobe Lightroom installed and functional. Adobe provides free trials of its software if you'd like to try before you buy.



5 SESSIONS: $199


SPP PHOTOGRAPHY ~ MASTERING YOUR CAMERA is five weekly evenings of hands-on training, creating a firm foundation for lifelong photography. You'll learn the most important and useful camera controls and techniques, how light can transform a scene, and creative ways to compose and strengthen every image. In between classes you'll have online access to the instructors for help with assigned projects.

WEEK 1: Camera Exposure & Focus - Taking Control

WEEK 2: Learning to See - Creative Composition

WEEK 3: Creating Good Light - Natural and Strobe

WEEK 4: Live Shoot - Technique and Vision

WEEK 5: Polish - Workflow and Post-Processing.




3 SESSIONS: $125


No photo looks its best right out of the camera. It takes some photo editing to bring a photo to life. Adobe Photoshop CC is one of the most efficient editing tools available, and we're here to help you with the learning curve. Adobe Photoshop CC is three information-packed evenings of hands-on photo editing.

We start with photo organization - so you can find all those photos again - then cover the basics of cropping, straightening, tonal correction, color balance, and sharpening. Next, we dive into the power tools of layers and masking. Finally, we explore some creative options - text, effects, textures, composites, and more.

We invite you to come to class with your copy of PS CC installed and operational on your laptop. Our class covers current versions of PS Elements too, so if you're not ready for CC quite yet, we'll take care of you.

Adobe provides free trials of all their software, so you can download a copy and try before you buy.



1211Flash-581211Flash-58 PHOTOGRAPHING PEOPLE 

3 SESSIONS: $125

We all take pictures of people; it’s just a part of being a photographer. Learn to make your people pictures exceptional. What can you do to “Capture the Moment”? Your lifestyle photos can be outstanding regardless of the equipment used, from cell phone to expensive DSLR.

A great people photo has three distinct elements:  

  1.  You need to know where to place your subject, where to focus, which lens and at what aperture and shutter speed to take the picture. These settings change depending on the group size, light, and the nature of the photograph. Composition is very important.
  2. Second, it’s all about the light! Isn’t it always about the light? When should you use flash and when should you stick with natural light? What direction should the light come from, and what part of your subject should be lit and how much should be left in shadow?
  3. Third, how do you get the most from your subject? Great photos make the subject look great, not posed and not with that big cheesy smile. We will explore how to coach your subjects to feel at ease and look their best.

Come to class with your camera (or your cell phone) and learn the tricks that make taking people picture look easy, even when it’s hard.  We will wrap up the class with an introduction to photo editing where you add the polish to the great shot you got in camera.