A Sawtooth Photo Pros
Photo Walkabout

is your chance to get out into Idaho's backyard with Sawtooth Photo Pros by your side, helping you learn to get the best from your camera in real-life situations. SPP Walkabouts focus on a specific theme or challenge - it might be high and low shutter speed, street scenes, landscapes, wild weather, low light, bokeh, sports action or outdoor portraits - each skill-building Walkabout is unique. 

SPP Walkabouts are educational! Each Walkabout starts with a short live lesson or demo, then we're off to make magic happen. If you want to have fun with other photographers and learn new skills at the same time, Photo Walkabouts are a great way to ask questions, experiment, and share results.

SPP Walkabouts are fun! No two Walkabouts are alike. We are constantly surprised at what Walkers discover and come up with. It's why we do it - we love it.

SPP Walkabouts are free!  We don't charge for our Walkabouts (some Walkabouts may require paid admission to a venue). Our primary goal is to share our love of photography with every Walker in the hope they will catch the flame and share it with someone else.

SPP Walkabouts are social! You can sign up for a SPP Photo Walkabout through our affiliation with Boise Photo Walks. It's our preferred method of enrolling because you get to share your photos online with other Walkers in a private and comfortable environment.

If you have a group (small or large) that would like to host a SPP Walkabout or Workshop, contact us at [email protected].

Thanks from Sawtooth Photo Pros!

Upcoming SPP Photo Walkabouts:

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Past SPP Photo Walkabouts:


April 30, 2016 - Spring Thing Photowalkabout

DSC_6432DSC_6432DON JOHNSON 208-939-9397

Join us for a photo scavenger hunt! We'll have 42 items ranging from things to creative ideas to people to find and photograph. Meet in front of the Boise Art Museum at 5:45 pm Saturday, April 30 for an evening of fun with lots of photographers. Our scavenger hunts are some of our most popular events. See you there!



March 19, 2016 - Yanke Motor Museum

One of Idaho’s best kept secrets is the private collection at the Yanke Motor Museum. This is an opportunity that only comes around every few years so don’t miss it! The museum is being opened up just for us, with a little help from Jim Schwager. Thanks Jim!

The warehouse is big, and includes some of the finest vintage motorcycles, cars and tractors from the turn of the century to about 1950.  Have you ever seen a fully equipped 1935 kitchen?  They have one.  Artwork and vintage calendars from the period are also on display. 

Tripods and flash are recommended but are not required.  Don and Jack will be around for a little SSP Photowalkabout instruction if you need help.

This is a free event. We would like to present the museum a selection of our favorite images, so consider donating several of your best as the cost of admission.

The best way to register is through our Boise Photo Walk portal here:

Once you've signed in with Boise Photo Walk (a great group, by the way), look for the Yanke Motor Museum event on March 19 and lock in your seat. That's it! Read the event listing there for all the info you'll need to know.

Don't miss this one - it's a treasure.


February 20, 2016 - Elk Feeding Sleigh Ride, Donnelly, ID

It's winter. You've been wanting to go on a sleigh ride in the snow. And oh, yeah, the sleigh ride happens to pass right through a huge herd of elk. Big bull elk that come right up to you and eat the hay bales from under your seats.

Welcome to Idaho.

If this sounds like a great photo adventure, you're right. Getting up close and personal with Idaho wildlife is one of the great perks of living here.

We've reserved 15 seats on the sleigh. Want one? All you have to do is grab a spot here:

Seats are $20 apiece, payable to the sleigh folks at the venue. They only take cash or checks, so don't forget your green bills.

Once you've signed in with Boise Photo Walk (a great group, by the way), look for the Elk Feeding Sleigh Ride event on Feb 20 and lock in your seat. That's it! Read the event listing there for all the info you'll need to know.

And you can always contact us at [email protected] with questions...


January 19, 2016 (Tuesday): SPP Workshop Smorgasbord at the Eagle Nazarene Church

Wow, this one was a surprise. 50 people showed up to get inundated with information! We'll definitely be doing this again.

We all get a little stale during the winter months. SPP photographers Don Johnson, Jack Floegel, and Paul Pulley will be offering SIX one-hour workshops on Tuesday, January 19 designed to warm up your photography. You get to pick TWO topics from the following list. You'll want to bring your camera, manual, and a notebook. Arrive a few minutes early to select your two workshops and find your classrooms. We'll start promptly at 6:30.

6:30 - 7:30 pm (pick one)
The Art of Seeing / Zen Photography - Don Johnson
It's All About Light / Flash Intro - Jack Floegel
Lightroom - Rapid Fire to Great Photos - Paul Pulley

7:45 - 8:45 pm (pick one)
Lightroom Secrets Revealed - Don Johnson
Photographing People - Jack Floegel
Night and Low Light Photography - Paul Pulley

We'll meet in the upstairs classrooms at the rear of the building. If you're familiar with the layout, come on up. Otherwise, we'll have a sign and/or a greeter in the lobby to guide you to the classrooms. When you RSVP, please let us know your two selected topics so we can prepare materials for each session.

Dec 15, 2015 - Idaho Botanical Garden Winter Garden Aglow was a blast attended by about 25 Photo Walkabouters. There was a wide array of images - deep dof, lots of pretty bokeh, even some flash photography. See some of the images at the Boise Photo Walk site: